Podcast cover part 2

..or maybe you like this one?




The start of a podcast?

I enjoy listening to podcasts. They often give you insights into topics you’re interested in or completely new subjects. My commute to work often provides me with the time to actually listen to them. There are lots of podcasts to listen to, ranging from tons of topics. Even though I like listening to some of them, there hasn’t been a podcast I love listening to. Most of them cover one or two topics and the way they’re talked about sometimes doesn’t appeal to me. This had me coming up with an idea. Why don’t I start a podcast?

This started out as a silly idea, but the more thought I gave it, the more realistic it became. Starting a podcast isn’t something that’s the easiest thing there is, but it also isn’t the hardest thing. Besides, it offers a big pool in which you can dive to gain experience in a lot of different fields, like presentation, (sound/video) editing, and discussion.

I wanted to share this idea with you. I don’t know whether it’s completely workable, but the idea lives. I’m looking forward to finding out more about it and maybe eventually starting an actual podcast.

Ideas and suggestions are welcome, post them in the comments section!